Cherry Poppin

So this is the first.  I have never written a blog.  Actually, I've always been opposed to the whole idea.  It seemed silly and self-indulgant to me, until I considered the fact that I am perpetually both silly and self-indulgant - so a blog it is.

The name "Those Rhymes Were Delicious" is something I stole from my niece.  She, at 5 years old, decided she was going to be a rapper.  Now, this is not a career goal.  As of now, she believes she will be a veterinarian but if she's anything like her aunt and everyone else I know, that will change a thousand times in the next couple decades.  No, her rapping wasn't for money or accolades.  She didn't want to floss with any iced out Jesus pieces.  There is yet to be a Grammy acceptance speech written or a photo shoot for some magazine that pretends to know what good music is.  Her Power Wheels remains rimless and still has the stock AF/FM radio and a noticeable lack of TVs in the headrests.  She is a rapper for the love of it.  She likes to weave words (actual and made-up) together into little blurbs of musical awesome that describe what life as a kid is really about.  And she's good.  Not Jay-Z good, but for a kid who was, until very recently, still on training wheels, she's got a glimmer of potential.

Anyway, she, my roommate, and myself were having a "cypher" in which we took turns spitting our lyrical genius one random summer day and after I spit my 6 bars of child friendly nursery rhyme worthy lyrical venom - she excitedly declared that, "those rhymes were delicious" and now we work that into any conversation where it could even sort of make sense.  Cool ass Bella with her cool ass five-year-old vocabulary and her cool ass kindergarten backpack bounce.  

So I'm gonna write delicious shit.  I will document it here for no good reason and hope that someone will read it and chuckle.  Maybe when Bella gets a little more delicious at her typing skills, she can contribute, too.  

A dope rapper with skills to pay the bills

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